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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Chad Ford Has Wizards Taking Michael Kidd-Gilchrist; Harrison Barnes In Mix

ESPN's Chad Ford has released the eighth version of his 2012 NBA Mock Draft (or version 8.0, whatever that means), and he once again has the Washington Wizards selecting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with the No. 3 pick. However, Ford writes that the decision between Kidd-Gilchrist and Bradley Beal remains "very close." He also added a couple other players to the mix.

The Wizards are happy at No. 3 and I continue to hear it will come down to Kidd-Gilchrist or Beal. Barnes, I'm told, is also now in the picture. Andre Drummond is too, but he's much further down the list. So who gets the nod?

The Wizards really need shooting, which should give Beal or Barnes a leg up. But I continue to hear that Kidd-Gilchrist remains the favorite. It's very close.

In his chat after the mock draft, Ford adds that Kidd-Gilchrist has a "slight lead." Nothing new on that front.

As for Barnes, he worked out for the Wizards on Tuesday, along with Syracuse's Kris Joseph and Northwestern's John Shurna. Ford reports that the Charlotte Bobcats also have Barnes high on their list, behind Kansas forward Thomas Robinson. "I'm hearing Harrison Barnes may be in second place on their wish list. Apparently, MJ is a fan," Ford writes about the Bobcats.