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Bullets Forever Consensus Player Evaluations: Trevor Booker

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The Community has spoken! Now that you all have had time to weigh in on our favorite miscreants, it is time for the editors of the site to reveal their ratings for each player. We used the same 1-10 scale and added some commentary for you your enjoyment. So without further up is Trevor Booker.

Community Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (almost a perfectly even split between 7 and 8).


Mike Prada: Trevor Booker got more burn this year, but really, he was the same player he was as a rookie. This is a good thing, mind you, because it can be harder to maintain production over the long haul with more responsibility. I just wouldn't say he broke out. Instead, I'd say he was given more of a chance to show what he could do.

The one difference was with his jump shot. Being a starter forced Booker to become a threat from the perimeter, and he responded by raising his shooting percentage on 16-23 foot jump shots from 18 percent to 34 percent. He also took far more shots from that range, which caused his true shooting percentage to drop, but it was a necessary adjustment. If Booker wants to be more than a part-time player, he has to be able to hit that shot to keep defenders honest and prevent them from helping off him to cut off John Wall's driving lanes.

Alas, while I enjoy rooting for Booker, I do think he has limitations that will be tough to overcome. He has good strength, but his lack of size hurts him when he defends the post. He's still not a great rebounder, though he made marginal improvements in that area. His pick and roll defense should be good considering his frame, but it was often erratic. Experience will improve the latter, but it's going to be hard to get any better at the other two faults.

All in all, it was a good season, and unless another power forward is added, he should be the incumbent starter next year. I just wouldn't consider him an untouchable. Rating: 7.

Sean Fagan: Is he a trade chip or the future at power forward? I never thought I would see the day where the Wizards had a logjam in the frontcourt, but that day is about to arrive. Booker gets an 8 because he improved on almost every facet of the game for which he was critiqued last year. The question now is one of minutes and whether he would be willing to go back to being the seventh man off the bench. Rating: 8.

Jake Whitacre: Would have given him a 9 if he hadn't taken Caron Butler's title as Wizards' most beloved oft-injured forward. Rating: 8.

Jeffrey Newman: A power forward with a guard's height and tight end's body, Booker is a fan favorite because of the hustle and ferocity with which he plays. While not a particularly skilled player, Booker might be the Wizards best athlete after John Wall and makes you ponder the possibilities were he another three inches taller. He's also built like a semi-truck and set more bone-crunching screens than the rest of the Wizards combined.

Booker became a more dependable option for interim coach Randy Wittman after displaying an improved midrange jump shot in his sophomore campaign, but he will need to work on being a more consistent rebounder and defender if he hopes to earn starter's minutes next season.

Theme song: Another One Bites the Dust, Queen (in honor of Cook Book's aforementioned lung-collapsing screens).

Rating: 7

Pantslessyoda1: Improved his jumper a little bit, but basically the same ol', same ol'. Rating: 5

JKhan15: I love that he rolls hard to the basket on pick-and-rolls, and he is an excellent finisher despite his size. He also showed that he might develop a jumper to compliment his inside game. On the negative side, he still has work to do on the defensive end. Booker also improved his defensive rebounding, but it was still below average for a power forward. The Wizards really could have used his help on the defensive boards this past year. Rating: 7.



PREVIOUSLY: Andray Blatche.

*: This is the average of the community ranking and the consensus editor ranking.