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Bullets Forever Consensus Player Evaluations: Andray Blatche

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The Community has spoken! Now that you all have had time to weigh in on our favorite miscreants, it is time for the editors of the site to reveal their ratings for each player. We used the same 1-10 scale and added some commentary for you your enjoyment. So without further preamble.....first up: Andray Blatche

Community Rating: 0 (400 votes/63%)

Not much more to add to this rating. To put it mildly, you were all disappointed with how Mr. Blatche's season turned out..

Our ratings after the jump...

The Editors

Mike Prada: I still remember the first hunch I had that Andray Blatche's 2011-12 season would be a disaster. It was during a conversation with Joe Connelly, who eventually was hired by the Wizards as a player development coordinator. For a good part of our chat, Connelly was talking up his client, noting his desire to get serious this year after having such a poor season the year before. But he also noted the frustration dealing with someone like Blatche.

"He'll take two big steps up," Connelly said, and then ..." His voice trailed off as he jumped backwards.

That's really the story of Blatche's season and Wizards career. Even as we were being sold that this year was different, Blatche was dropping hints about his shoulder not being healed. It was the same kind of stuff we heard the summer before, except then, it was about his broken foot. In both instances, the lack of conditioning doomed his season.

This year was worse than last year, though. The Wizards tried to get him going by giving him more responsibility, naming him a captain in the hopes that he would be forced to step up. It was a disaster. From his first press conference, when he proclaimed that he was "willing to die for this," you could tell Blatche had no idea how to be a team leader. You could smell the desperation in his voice, as if he was trying to quench his own doubts about his qualifications for the role. Making Blatche a team leader was clearly a grave miscalculation on the Wizards' part.

We know what happened after that. Blatche played horrendously, was booed on his own home court and was eventually shut down for "conditioning." I'd be shocked if he was back next year. The Wizards will try to trade him, likely fail and be forced to use the Amnesty clause to get him off the team.

Hopefully, the team now knows that propping an unprepared player into a leadership role isn't going to suddenly make him more prepared to carry out the job. Rating: 1.

Jkhan15: I don't think a season could go much worse. Blatche was a failure on and off the court, and worked pretty hard to earn this zero rating. A 25-year old, 7-year veteran who has displayed NBA talent in the past really shouldn't be this terrible. A positive: According to Synergy's numbers, which can be misleading at times, he was a solid individual defender (in isolation and the post). Of course, he only had about 50 defensive possessions, so how much does this really mean? Rating: 0

Jake Whitacre: Three years ago, we would have been THRILLED at the idea of Andray demanding more post touches. Rating: 1

Pantslessyoda1:Are negative numbers possible? Two years ago he was borderline untradeable, now he's a case study in bad decision making. Rating: 1.

Sean Fagan: Sigh. I really was hoping I could talk myself into a 3. But Andray kept disappointing me as a fan and as a reporter. He is still a great quote and an enjoyable personality and I think in part that is where the problem lies. Rating: 1

The consensus editorial ranking of Andray Blatche: 1

Not really a surprise here. A tad more lenient than the community under the assumption that he at least attempted to suit up and didn't get into any real off court drama. Still, things do not good for Mr. 7-Day