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2012 Wizards Player Evaluation Poll: Andray Blatche


It is the end of the season which marks the point where the BulletsForever community get to weigh in on how well they think each Wizards player did over the course of the the abbreviated 2011-12 season. Each player is rated on the 1-10 scale. First up: Andray Blatche

Scene - Somewhere outside the charred wreckage of a bandwagon, Sean Fagan forlornly stares off into the distance. Mike Katz cries openly as he gently lays a bouquet of of roses near the area where the driver's seat used to be. Both ceremonially remove their "2012 Andray Blatche MIP" T-shirts and add them to the wreckage. Slowly they back away, promising silently that they won't be fooled again.....

Well, that wasn't the way I expected it to go. Andray Blatche may have had one of the most maligned years in the history of the Bullets-Wizards franchise, thus earning him as much or more scorn than such luminaries as Ike Austin, John "Hot Plate" Williams, and the immortal Kwame Brown. Blatche showed up to camp out of shape, quickly got injured and then was basically exiled from the team to work on his conditioning. Things went so poorly for the seventh-year forward that he admitted that his mother was criticizing him on his play. Despite the criticism and the solemn oaths that he would improve and realized the error of his ways, the start of the playoffs saw Blatche hosting yet another night at the club, which leads one to wonder if he will ever truly "get it." My gut feeling, unfortunately, is that he is a lost cause.

BOLD PREDICTION: Andray Blatche is NOT amnestied by the Wizards this offseason.