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Links: Surprise! Sometimes JaVale McGee is good!!


Evidently the rest of world was unaware that JaVale McGee is occasionally capable of awesome things on a basketball court. The Nuggets have won two games thus far in their series against the Lakers, including one last night. Both victories have two things in common: McGee played great in both. Denver's three losses also have something in common: McGee was a virtual non-factor in all three. That said, enjoy this edition of JAvALE Links:

  • Just to be clear, McGee did have a great game yesterday. More on that and quick recaps of yesterday's playoff action. [Daily Dime]
  • The Pacers were the only 3-1 team to take care of business last night. Sports Illustrated has recaps of their victory over the Magic, Denver's win, the Bulls' scrappy victory over the Sixers and the Hawks' nail-biter against the Celtics.
  • McGee teamed up with rookie Kenneth Faried to outplay to Lakers' vaunted frontcourt duo of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum in Game 5. [L.A. Times]
  • I'm not a big believer in "bulletin board material," but I'm also pretty sure Bynum's assessment that "Closeout games are actually kind of easy" was ill-advised. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Yesterday McGee won the matchup of immature, ridiculously talented 7-footers. [SB Nation]
  • McGee is a "playoff hero," so says Matt Moore of CBS Sports.
  • Because this is Pierre we're talking about, he threw his game ball into the stands following a postgame interview. [SB Nation | Ball Don't Lie]
  • Michael Lee reflects on what McGee's huge Game 5 should mean to Wizards fans. [Wizards Insider]
  • In our sixth edition of "Better Know A Free Agent," Mike breaks down Nets forward Gerald Wallace, The Fightin' Wallace!
  • Is it awkward watching yourself make out while a balding, middle-aged Czech talk show host also watches? Evidently not enough for Jan Vesely to do exactly that... [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Video of Trevor Booker's exit interview with the D.C. media. []
  • David Aldridge has a suggestion for whom he thinks Ernie Grunfeld should hire as the Wizards' new head coach.
  • Weeks later, James Singleton is still a little salty that people think he flopped against Tyrus Thomas and the Bobcats. [Wizards Insider]
  • Speaking of flopping, Charles Barkley thinks Blake Griffin does it too much. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • ATTENTION sportswriters/Bill Plaschke, Kobe Bryant is smarter than you. [SB Nation]
  • Speaking of Bryant, Tom Ziller has had enough of the talk that Black Mamba is as clutch as they come.
  • I'm pretty certain this is the real reason the Nuggets won Game 5. [SB Nation]
  • Ron Artest appeared on Conan to discuss, among other things, his elbowing of James Harden in head. Yep. [SB Nation]
  • In case you weren't sure, Mike wants you to know that the Spurs are good. Really good.
  • With Al Horford back, do the Hawks have what it takes to upset the Celtics now? [ESPN]
  • Steve Perrin thinks Chris Paul is the reason the Clippers are up 3-1 over the higher-seeded Grizzlies. Can't say I disagree. [SB Nation]
  • Some lady got a nice shot of Paul's rear end during Game 4. [SB Nation]
  • Caron Butler is pumped. [SB Nation]
  • Steve Nash can do a lot of things on a basketball court, and now he'll be plenty busy off of it as the GM of Canada Basketball. [SB Nation | Ball Don't Lie]
  • If Baron Davis is done playing basketball, Andrew Sharp will remember his career with a smile. [SB Nation]
  • Shawn Kemp + Shakespeare = Depression. Maddening, maddening depression. [SB Nation]
  • Pop quiz: Who's the best hockey prospect in North America? If you answered, "Popeye's Jones's kid," well, I'm sure we can find some Prozac for you. [SB Nation]
  • There's something doubly awe-inspiring about Shaq posting up Sir Charles while both are wearing suits. Check out Chuck's ups!! [SB Nation]
  • For the few who weren't aware, yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of "We're talking about practice, man."
  • Don Nelson would like to make sure you know that Tyson Chandler is not Michael Jordan. [SB Nation]