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NBA Playoffs 2012 Day 10 Schedule And Open Thread

Here's tonight's 2012 NBA Playoffs schedule, filled with four potential elimination games. But first, here's what went up on the site today:

Now, your playoff schedule. I'll once again be live-blogging on

Game 5: Orlando Magic vs. Indiana Pacers: The Pacers can put the Magic out of their misery and end this thing tonight. (7 p.m., NBATV)

Game 5: Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks: It would be such a Hawks move to play really well and extend this series after the Game 4 blowout. (8 p.m., TNT)

Game 5: Philadelphia 76ers vs. Chicago Bulls: The Bulls' shocking run to the title starts here. (9:30 p.m., NBATV)

Game 5: Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers: Could this be our last chance to watch JaVale McGee for a while? (10:30 p.m., TNT)