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Links: John Wall and Wizards assistant Sam Cassell watch Chris Paul lead Clippers past Grizzlies

You watching, John?
You watching, John?

Today's links:

  • This is a feature on Chris Paul, who has led the Clippers to two comeback victories in three games against the Grizzlies, but Wizards fans will be happy to read that assistant coach Sam Cassell and John Wall attended Game 3 of Clips-Grizz together, just to watch how Paul runs a playoff team. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Craig Stouffer recaps Wall's offseason plans and takes a guess at the Wizards' 2012-2013 starting lineup as the roster currently stands. [Washington Examiner]
  • In our third installment of "Better Know A Free Agent," Mike features Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo, The Fightin' Mayo!
  • There's a bunch of goodies in TAI's latest translation of the Jan Vesely Diaries, including his conclusion that the U.S. seems the "least relaxed" of any nation he's visited, the Caps' "valuable scalp" of the Boston Bruins and whether he'll play for the Czech national team since "apparently summer league awaits me overseas." [Truth About It]
  • Caps :-) [SB Nation]
  • The Thunder completed a sweep of the Mavericks yesterday, winning Game Four 103-97. Meanwhile, the Spurs took a 3-0 series lead with a 102-90 win over the Jazz, the Clips outscored Memphis in the fourth quarter 22-9 to win an 87-86 squeaker and take a 2-1 series lead, and a fourth quarter rally by the Magic fell just short of a comeback win in overtime against the Pacers, who won 101-99 and now lead the series 3-1. Recaps of all four games: [SB Nation roundup | Daily Dime | Thunder-Mavs (SB Nation, AP, SI) | Clips-Grizz (SB Nation, AP, SI) | Spurs-Jazz (SB Nation, AP) | Pacers-Magic (SB Nation, AP)]
  • The Mavericks battled the Thunder, they just weren't good enough to overcome Kevin Durant & Co. [ESPN Dallas]
  • With 0.1 seconds to go in the first quarter, Dirk Nowitzki tried this shot off an inbounds pass. Too bad it didn't go in, 'cause that would have been bananas. [SB Nation]
  • So what's next for the defending champs? They have a lot of issues to address this offseason. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Tom Ziller for one sees the Mavs dismantling their current roster, what with Jason Terry and Jason Kidd set to become free agents and Brendan Haywood the NBA's second-most-likely -to-be-amnestied players. Care to guess who the most likely is, Wizards fans? [SB Nation]
  • The Mavs are probably looking at similar disappointing finishes in future seasons if they can't find Nowitzki some help *cough* Dallas-native Deron Williams *cough*. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Dallas undoubtedly wanted to avoid the sweep, but Terry took it to another, homicidal level. To those brooms unfortunate enough to get caught (swept?) up in Terry's murder spree, RIP. [SB Nation]
  • Terry isn't the first to observe that losing Tyson Chandler, J.J. Barea and DeShawn Stevenson left the Mavs without the ammo to realistically repeat as champs, but Mark Cuban doesn't want to hear it. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Zach Lowe on how Russell Westbrook, not your typical NBA point guard, has improved both as a passer and mid-range jump shooter. [The Point Forward]
  • Not to be lost in L.A.'s Game three victory is the grit of Caron Butler, who played 22 minutes with a broken hand, notching four points and three rebounds. Nobody wants it more than this guy. Love it. [ESPN Los Angeles]
  • As a duo, Paul-to-Blake Griffin keeps getting more dangerous. [ESPN]
  • Orlando may be down 3-1, but Stan Van Gundy is doing a pretty remarkable job of keeping the Dwight-Howardless-Magic competitive against the Pacers. [TrueHoop]
  • LeBron James may receive more criticism than any NBA player, but it's Carmelo Anthony who has thus far come up way short of expectations in New York. [Washington Post]
  • Joakim Noah did not fracture his ankle as feared, but a bad sprain is likely going to keep him out of Game Four, and in all probability the remainder of the Bulls' series against the Sixers. [ESPN Chicago]
  • Thor may be a Nordic god and the Hulk might be an invincible monster with unlimited strength, but none are as sly as Bosh the Troll. [SB Nation]
  • In case you weren't sure, Stephen A. Smith would like you to know that the Heat-Knicks series is already over. Thanks for that breaking news. [ESPN New York]
  • We touched on this a bunch in yesterday's links, but Eric Freeman has more on the ball of fire that is Pam McGee. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Betcha didn't think Shaq could get any more awesome. Wrong! Dude just earned his doctorate in education (known as an Ed.D.) after accumulating a 3.8 GPA at Barry University and completing a capstone project entitled, "The Duality of Humor and Seriousness in Leadership Styles." And he's thinking about going to law school next. Because, why not? [Miami Herald]