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Bullets Forever Community Draft Board: Pick No. 2

With the NBA lottery now finished, it's time to begin the Bullets Forever community draft board. We're going to be updating this thing daily with polls once each of the positions have been decided. Here's how this works.

  • This is not a mock draft. This is a list of players you think the Wizards should take at their spot, so adjust for team needs as much as you feel is appropriate. Basically, the idea is that, when the Wizards make their pick, they'll pick the highest guy available on your list. Vote on which guy that should be for each spot, and over the next month, we'll develop our consensus board.
  • Weigh team needs as much as you feel is relevant: You may believe they should factor in heavily. You may believe they shouldn't factor in at all. When making your vote, use whatever you think is the right philosophy. Most teams use something called a "tier" system, which was detailed in this old Chad Ford article. Basically, they rank the prospect, split them up into groups and rank the players within each group in terms of team needs.
  • We're running a new one every day: Why? While the Wizards currently have the third pick, lots of things happen on draft day. Two years ago, the Wizards traded a couple late picks to move up to select Trevor Booker. They could move down from No. 3, buy a late first-round pick, trade someone for a first-round pick, etc. To be fully prepared, we're going to extend the draft board as far down as we possibly can.

Make sense? Cool. We're going to put Anthony Davis at No. 1 automatically and start with No. 2.