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NBA Draft Lottery: Time To Choose Your Own Wizards' Adventure

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Alright folks, we now have under seven hours to go until the 2012 NBA Draft lottery. As noted in several places, the Washington Wizards can get anywhere from the No. 1 to the No. 5 pick. Here are their specific odds for each selection:

1. 19.9 percent
2. 18.8 percent
3. 17.1 percent
4. 31.9 percent
5. 12.3 percent

That means the Wizards could go in a lot of different directions this summer, depending on where they pick and which player they want to select. Therefore, it's time for a group activity to tide us over until 8 p.m.

First step: For each possible pick (feel free to do this for any number of them), tell us who you think the Wizards should take.

Second step: Once you decide on the player you want the Wizards to take, spell out at least one other move you'd like to see the Wizards make this summer that now makes sense because of the player you have them taking.

Feel free to do this for any combination of those five possible picks. Everyone, start your engines.