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Links: Nene Learns He's Allowed To Shoot


Pinch-hitting for Jeff today, so these will be shorter than usual. Anyway, off we go.

  • Nene discusses the city of Washington D.C., what he brought to the team and the fact that they actually let him shoot the ball here, unlike Denver. [Wizards Insider]
  • Frank Hanrahan seems to think Kevin Seraphin will be the team's starting power forward next year. Not sure about that one. [CSN Washington]
  • This was pretty much a given, but the Wizards will be playing in the Las Vegas Summer League again this year. [Wizards Insider]
  • Two anecdotes jump out from Chris Mannix's piece on Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young: the way Arenas taught Mike Conley a new move to help him, and how the Clippers wouldn't let Young wear No. 0 as a homage to Arenas (jerks). [Sports Illustrated]
  • Jerry Colangelo said on a ticket call that John Wall will be on the Team USA Select Team, which is basically the JV to the actual Olympic squad. This is Wall getting his foot in the door. [@DJohnsonWTOP]
  • Does Randy Wittman even want this head coaching job? (Answer: of course). [CSN Washington]
  • A bit old, but this is why I don't want Perry Jones. Nice breakdown. [Draft Express]
  • Nick Young hurt his right thumb in the Clippers' lost last night, but it sounds like he's going to play through it [FOX Sports West]
  • Caps :-( [SB Nation]
  • Congratulations, Trevor Booker. Cosmo named you one of the 30 hottest players in the league.
  • Amar'e Stoudemire gets the Taiwaneese Animation treatment. [SB Nation]