The Case for Bradley Beal

There's a month until the draft. The lottery is tomorrow, and we all know how that is going to play out (Wizards pick 4th or 5th with the historically bad Bobcats, the newly owned and Chris Paul-less Hornets, and the Brooklyn Nets picking ahead of them-all for obvious reasons). There is no better player to be had at that #4 spot than Beal.

He fills our need at shooting guard perfectly. He's got range, a smooth stroke, and will push Crawford back to his more natural sixth man role. Crawford could be our homeless-man's version of a Harden or Manu or J.R. Smith - a microwave off the bench who can create offense and score for the second unit but playing limited minutes so he doesn't shoot the team out of a game. Beal has good athleticism, a high IQ (Lord know the Wizards could use more of that), a decent handle and is actually a strong rebounder, even for a guard. He's a perfect complement to Wall with his shooting ability on Wall's drive and kicks and he can run the floor in transition and make plays with his athleticism and IQ. The only SG we have on the team now that demands decent minutes is Crawford, but as we all know he is far from dependable. Drafting Beal would fill that need without adding to the log-jam we currently have at the 3 and 4 (SF - Lewis, Martin, Evans, C. Singleton, Vesely PF - Blatche, Booker, Vesely, Seraphin depending on what the FO does this off season)
The only knocks on him seem to his size (same size as Eric Gordon and/or Dwyane Wade) but his wingspan and energy should more than make up for it on D. Plus the dude is only 19 years old he still might have another inch or two left in him.
The only competition at the 2 for now is Jeremy Lamb, who while a tremendous potential in his own right, doesn't have Beal's build, range, or motor.
Now let's hope Ernie doesn't fall in love with Black Jan Perry Jones III or JaVale 2.0 Andray Drummond

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