Andre Drummond should be everyones number 2 pick.

The most controversial player in this draft should be the number 2 pick, regardless of who gets the pick. These playoffs have proved as much. The Celts (the series their in now is just about over), the sixers, the pacers, memphis, chicago, etc all lost bc they didn't have a guy to dominate the lane defensively. If you're going to beat a young, athletic team like the Heat or the Thunder at any point in the near future you're going to need to have a big guy that can defend the rim and more importantly discourage players from shooting in the lane. Lets face it, there is basically no chance you're going to find a guy in any draft thats going to be able to defend Durant or Bron. Its not happening. The next best thing you can get is a guy that can contest their layup or dunk attempts, and this is what Drummond brings. I've spoke with numerous ppl about him. Some are just basketball heads, some are uconn fans, and others are nba media and they all seem to think while this guy should be embarrassed at that lack of post moves in his repertoire he is an outstanding passer, which suggests he has very high basketball iq. We all know big men with high basketball iq translates to the league. I know there are other concerns like motor, free throw shooting %, etc but remember he wont turn 19 until august of this year. Amare Stoudemire was about the same age when he entered the league and there were very similar concerns about him as well. Look I don't know if this guy is going to be Amare Stoudemire good but the upside is there. At the very least he's a younger, more basketball savvy version of DeAndre Jordan (he's already better offensively than jordan, but thats not really saying much). In a draft where there might only be one all star, who will undoubtedly be the first pick, you have to pick the guy with the next most all star potential immediately after. This guy is it in my opinion. What say you?

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