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Links: Zach Leonsis to rep Washington Wizards at NBA Draft lottery

C'mon Zach, make it happen again.
C'mon Zach, make it happen again.

Gonna make this one quick today:

  • Zach Leonsis, son of Ted Leonsis, will represent the Wizards at the NBA Draft lottery in New York this Wednesday. Dunno if Ted is counting on cashing in the same way the Cavs did when owner Dan Gilbert's 14-year-old son, Nick, repped the team at last year's lottery, but somehow Zach, a Penn grad working as an exec with his dad's company, doesn't make for as great a story as a teenager with a genetic nerve disorder sporting a bowtie, quick wit and triumphant attitude. [Wizards Insider]
  • As Frank Hanrahan notes, the Wizards have a busy offseason ahead of them, beginning with determining who will coach the team next season. I wouldn't be surprised if the team (and free agent coaches) are waiting to see how the team does in the draft lottery. I have to think the Wizards job becomes a lot more enticing if the Wiz get the top pick and the right to draft Anthony Davis.
  • Even if Randy Wittman is retained, how much time will he be given to produce results? [Crossover Chronicles]
  • Bullet Nation in Exile asks which prospect, assuming their respective talent levels are equal, would best fit the Wizards: Kentucky wing Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kansas forward Thomas Robinson or Florida guard Bradley Beal. Seems most of you think the Wiz could use help on the perimeter, and more would like prefer a shooter to a lockdown defender.
  • Season reviews for Cartier Martin... [Truth About It]
  • and Nick Young. [Wizards Extreme]
  • Ernie Grunfeld chats about draft preparations, prospect workouts and Ted's kid repping the team at the draft lottery. []
  • Game 7 of Celtics-Sixers is tonight. Tom Ziller is one of many hoping Boston advances to face the Heat. [SB Nation]
  • The Celtics have been here before. They hope that's enough to win tonight. [SI]
  • John Hollinger's keys to Game 7 of Celtics-Sixers. [ESPN Insider]
  • Remember when Chris Bosh got hurt and Dwyane Wade scored five points and blew up at his coach in a Game 3 loss to the Pacers? Suddenly, we all thought it possible that the Heat could just fade away without even making it to the Eastern Conference Finals, right? Silly us. [SB Nation]
  • Can the Thunder slow down the Spurs? [The Point Forward]
  • In 1991 Pat Riley sat down with a then-ringless Michael Jordan to chat about his career and the importance of winning a championship. This is a must read/watch. [The Sports Fan Journal]
  • Video on some potential draft sleepers and Marc Spears suggests Perry Jones III might have more potential than Davis.