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Links: Does radio silence mean Randy Wittman will return as Washington Wizards head coach?

Hey John, have you heard if I'll be back or not?
Hey John, have you heard if I'll be back or not?

Because "no news" is never an option for beat reporters, the lack of activity from the Wizards' front office in its search for a new head coach must mean something, right? Right?? Links:

  • Does the lack of chatter regarding the Wizards head coaching search indicate Randy Wittman will be back next season? Some think it does. Or doesn't. [Wizards Insider]
  • Craig Stouffer thinks that if the Wiz mean to keep Wittman, they should just say so already. [Washington Examiner]
  • Scott Jackson thinks the Wizards should at least consider former Jazz coach Jerry Sloan in their head coaching search. [SB Nation DC]
  • Speaking of Sloan, Sam Amick caught up with the former Bullet for a quick chat about his coaching future.
  • What could be more awesome than an old video of Red Auerbach railing against the flop? How about an old video of Red Auerbach directing legendary Bullets Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes (and also Mike Riordan) through some (ridiculous) slow motion flopping scenarios. Jake actually had a post about this almost four years ago to the day, but I guess TrueHoop decided the video was pertinent given recent momentum in the Stop the Flop movement.
  • In his latest edition of "Better Know A Free Agent," Mike profiles Nets wing Gerald Green, The Fightin' Green!
  • Ben Standig thinks the Wiz have been waiting to talk to Stan Van Gundy. [CSN Washington]
  • Standig also thinks North Carolina forward John Henson could fit nicely beside Nene in the (extremely) unlikely scenario that the Wizards (inexplicably) decide to trade down into the back end of the NBA lottery.
  • The season reviews keep on coming. Here's one for Trevor Booker. [Truth About It]
  • Another for Shelvin Mack. [Wiz of Awes]
  • And one for JaVale McGee. [Wizards Extreme]
  • The Wizards held a pre-draft workout Thursday featuring Ohio State's William Buford, Iowa State's Scott Christopherson, Auburn's Kenny Gabriel, Dayton's Chris Johnson, Georgia's Gerald Robinson and South Dakota's Charlie Westbrook. Here's some video of the workouts, a slideshow and thoughts from Glenn Consor, who lets us know the team is holding a workout today for big-man prospects.
  • Predictably, your ratings for JaVale McGee's 2012 season are all over the map.
  • Wow, stat geeks will love the normal distribution of Cartier Martin's 2012 season ratings. [BF]
  • Flip Saunders has enjoyed being reunited with Kevin Garnett in Boston as an adviser to the Celtics' coaching staff. [Washington Times]
  • Do you like your insanity unbridled with a touch of implacable hysteria? Then you have to check out this dance video dedicated to Mack and former Bullet Robert Pack by D.C. sports fan Ryan Kopf of Springfield, Va. Also, make sure to stick around for the Don Carlo-Clausstastic ending. Yaayyyy. [D.C. Sports Bog, Ball Don't Lie]
  • Most of the time it would be impossible to beat Blake Griffin getting the NBA Jam treatment, but thanks to Kopf, this is only the second-best thing you'll see all day.
  • Led by Dwyane Wade and LeBron James 41 and 28 points, respectively, the Heat took down the Pacers 105-93 in Game 6 and will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, where it's tough to imagine the Celtics or Sixers slowing Miami down. Recaps: [SB Nation | Daily Dime | Ball Don't Lie | SI | AP]
  • With James and Wade playing so well, Adrian Wojnarowski think the Heat's only challenge will come in the NBA Finals. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Bench players have also given the Heat a boost. [Heat Index]
  • David West was in no high-fivin' mood at yesterday's halftime.
  • Apparently those playoff series against the Wiz really left an impression on LeBron, because he still thinks those games were more physical than those he just finished against the Pacers, which at times resembled back-alley brawls more than basketball games.
  • GAH!!
  • Zach Lowe has Game 7 of Celtics-Sixers as a toss-up. [The Point Forward]
  • Shaq has turned a reported invitation to interview as the next Orlando GM, but did he actually turn himself down?
  • Steve Perrin on what the All-NBA teams tell us about the league's increasing trend toward dynamic duos and why NBA coaches can't seem to identify the league's best defenders.
  • John Hollinger breaks down Spurs-Thunder, and gives the advantage to the higher seed. [ESPN Insider]
  • I and many other people think the Spurs are awesome. Kevin Durant doesn't care. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • In the wake of a shooting that left eight wounded after Game 5 of Thunder-Lakers, Oklahoma City has shut down its outdoor "Thunder Alley" area, where for fans who couldn't get into the game can watch it on a giant big screen outside the stadium. Thunder fans, as would be expected, are not pleased.
  • Ernie's kid breaks down the qualities that make the Spurs so awesome at basketball.
  • Check out the latest edition of Nick Collison's playoff blog. [GQ]
  • L.A. teams, the crew at Staples Center and Craig Sager have made a parody video of "Call Me Maybe." God damnit.
  • Should the Lakers be looking to pick up the oncourt pace ala the Spurs and Thunder?
  • Chad Ford compares Perry Jones III to Paul George, but more importantly, Ziller compares Andre Drummond to Andray Blatche. [SB Nation]
  • The early schedule for Team USA has been released, and has them kicking off against a Tony Parker-led France team and ending pool play against Manu Ginobili-led Argentina.