BOYD, Part Deux?

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Remember a few years ago, when we were at the beginning of the Ted Leonsis era and one of the strategies that was constantly brought up, was the concept of BOYD (Bringing out Your Dead)? Well considering the options in free agency this year, why not consider this option going forward. I mean the Wizards have a number of options including amnestying Blatche and buying out Lewis to create cap space, but the question is, what will they do with that cap space?

If we make the assumption that they are considering to do both we're looking at approximately $16 million in cap space (not exact, but a rough estimate) and this team would have only 7 players left under contract at this point. Then you also have to consider that this team has a 1st round draft pick and 2 2nd round draft picks. This sounds eerily similar to two summer ago when the Wizards were able to trade for Kirk Hinrich and the #17 pick in the draft (Kevin Seraphin). During that summer, the Wizards of course had the #1 pick, the #17th pick, and the #30th pick (which turned into the #23rd pick, Trevor Booker and #56th pick, Hamady N'Diaye). So given how well Grunfield (admittedly he did a good job) did maximizing those picks and the fact that we already have 3 picks again, I figured, why not try this again? Well I can hear some of you saying, well why not trade Rashard Lewis instead? I think that's a bad strategy in most cases because it will likely cause us to take bad contracts back that are likely to take up the rest of our salary cap and hinder any flexibility we would have this summer and possibly beyond. At least with the option of a BOYD, you can make this trade and still have a chance of signing free agents.

Here are some possible candidates to use this strategy with:

Orlando Magic

Player(s): Chris Duhon (year 1: $3.6 mil, year 2: $3.9 mil)

I'm not much of a Duhon fan but this team would benefit from having a veteran back up point guard. At times Duhon has been a decent player, but his rumored partying during the season has caused his game to decline significantly. But given how mediocre Shelvin Mack play was last year, it may not hurt to have a steady veteran as that extra PG and possibly help Shelvin Mack learn (by the way, he is a free agent too, so this is assuming Mack is signed back). On Orlando's side, they are in the midst of a lot of changes, and they are also well over the cap. They need money to come off if they have any hopes of re-signing Ryan Anderson or even offering a long term deal to Dwight in the future.

Draft Position: 19th Pick, 49th Pick

Atlanta Hawks

Player(s): Marvin Williams (year 1: $8.2 mil, year 2: $7.5 mil player option)

Maybe after seeing how the Wizards have were able to turn a declining veteran in Hinrich into basically a young Chris Singleton and Jordan Crawford, both with great potential, the Hawks may balk at such a move. But even with that said, the Hawks have some issues and some unanswered questions about what direction their team is going in. There's a chance that Josh Smith might not be there next year and if he goes they will need someone as a good third option on offense that will compliment Joe Johnson and Al Horford. (I didn't include Smith as a BOYD candidate because his salary would eat most of the money left over). Their best chance of doing so will probably be in free agency since Marvin Williams has been inconsistent in being that guy they can rely on to step up in that role. Cutting salary will make this possible. As a player here, Marvin Williams would be a decent temporary solution as a wing player. He is a good enough shooter that he will help spread the floor for Wall and he will also put Chris Singleton on the bench where he belongs at this point in his development. This past season Williams shot 43% from the field, including 39% from 3. Not bad numbers for a guy that could be a good complimentary player in the starting lineup. And if you add someone like Bradley Beal, the Wizards would be able to have two outside threats as starters and really balance their offense out.

Draft Position: 23rd Pick, 43rd Pick

New Orleans Hornets

Player(s): Trevor Ariza (year 1: $7.2 mil, year 2: $7.7 mil player option)

Still 26 years old Trevor Ariza would provide a great defensive presence to the Wizards. He is a player that is more of a slasher than a jump shooter though. He shot 41% from the field and only 33% from 3. Definitely not the offensive punch that Marvin Williams could bring but his defense, veteran presence, and experience with winning teams would add to this very young roster. For New Orleans, getting rid of a player that has been been perceived to have a bad contract would be great option for them going forward. Although they are well underneath the cap, cleaning house and getting rid of some players who don't fit into the long term plans of the Hornets, might serve to be a more productive move. With the ability to have two lottery picks, they are certainly an enticing partner to trade with, but the question will be, how likely are they really to shed anymore salary?

Draft Position: 2 Lottery Picks TBD,

Detroit Pistons

Player(s): Charlie Villanueva (year 1: $8 mil, year 2: $8.5 mil player option)

Arguably one of the worst contracts in the NBA right now for essentially a role player, Charlie did not have a good year this year, playing in only 13 games. Given that Detroit signed both he and Ben Gordon to bad contracts, if they want to get rid of the headaches of both then one may have to be traded while the other may be amnestied. Given that Ben Gordon will make $12 mil next year and $13 mil the year after, Charlie is much more attractive option to trade for. As far as the game is concerned, Charlie Villanueva is a rich man's Brian Cook. He isn't a very dynamic player. He is a jump shooting big man that can get hot but ultimately is better served coming off the bench than anything. He would be one of those players just to fill a roster space, get you a lottery pick (if possible), and fill in when one of your bigs are injured. I have to be honest, I wouldn't be too excited for this trade, but if Dumars is willing to part ways with a lottery pick, is it worth doing?

Draft Position: Lottery Pick, #44 Pick

So what do you guys think? Would you make any of these moves? Are there others that you see as potential? Do you even think this should be something that team considers this off season?

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