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#QUOTESANITY: 1. This Is Your Captain vs. 8. Willing To Die For This


For the next few weeks, we're voting on the top Wizards quote of the year, bracket-style, in a little something we like to call #QUOTESANITY. Today, we move on to the Humblebrag Region, where our first match-up features one quote with excellent foreshadowning, and one quote that did anything but give a glimpse of the future. Believe it or not, both of these quotes came from Andray Blatche.

1. This Is Your Captain

How y'all doing? This is your captain, Andray Blatche. On behalf of myself, my teammates, the whole Washington Wizard organization, we want to say we strongly appreciate y'all sticking around all summer. It's been a long summer. It's a shortened season, but it's gonna be tough, and we're gonna need you guys - the best fans in the NBA - to be our sixth man. So in other words, let's get this season started. - Andray Blatche to the fans at the Verizon Center before the Wizards home opener.

8. Willing To Die For This

I told my teammates: I'm willing to give y'all 100-percent out of me every game. I'm willing to die for this. - Andray Blatche at Media Day

Oh, Andray.