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Links: Will the Washington Wizards be major players in NBA free agency?

When you're ready to cash in Ted, call me.
When you're ready to cash in Ted, call me.

Lots to get to today, a bit later than usual. Links:

  • The Wizards figure to enter next season with a roster very similar to the one they ended last season with, plus a rookie and free agent or two. Andray Blatche and Rashard Lewis are the only expected attrition, but both have basically been off the team since midseason. As for the rest of the Southeast division, well, some teams stand to look pretty different next season. [CSN Washington]
  • Did I just say Blatche and Lewis are the only expected attrition? Silly me, I forgot about Brian Cook, and I'm sure plenty of you did. Don't worry, Frank Hanrahan has us covered. [CSN Washington]
  • Kyle Weidie takes a look at Lewis's forgettable 2011-2012 campaign and and the misleading rookie season of Jan Vesely.
  • Speaking of Vesely, sounds like he's pretty popular with his teammates.
  • No surprise here, but Nene is one of four NBA players that will play for Brazil in the in the 2012 Olympics, the first time in 16 years that the country will compete in men's basketball.
  • So yea, the Pacers rolled the Heat last night 94-75. I mean, everyone figured Miami would miss Chris Bosh, but holy lord, the Heat played about a poorly as possible yesterday. Also, give Indiana credit. They are a tough, determined team led by an excellent veteran in David West. The Spurs, meanwhile, just look unbeatable. How are the Clippers supposed to win a game this series? Recaps: [Daily Dime | Heat-Pacers (SB Nation, SI, AP) | Spurs-Clippers (SB Nation, SI, AP)]
  • It was not Dwyane Wade's night, to say the least. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • More on Wade's dismal Game 2. [Heat Index]
  • Andrew Sharp misses the "old D-Wade," not the one arguing with refs, taking cheap shots and yelling at his coach. [SB Nation]
  • Again, the Pacers looked great last night, and the heat looked awful. Even so, it's a bit early to start taunting the Heat for choking. Are you listening, Lance Stephenson? [SB Nation]
  • Steve Perrin marvels at the dark magic of Gregg Popovich, The Alchemist. [SB Nation]
  • Could the Spurs actually be getting better? [ESPN]
  • Tony Parker turned 30 yesterday. He also scored 22 points while leading the Spurs to a thorough beatdown and 2-0 series lead over the Clippers. [Pounding The Rock]
  • They Clippers may not win another game if Chris Paul doesn't step up his game. [ESPN Los Angeles]
  • Blake Griffin played 37 minutes last night. And grabbed one rebound. As in, a single rebound. In 37 minutes. [SB Nation]
  • It was expected the Big Three would reign supreme in Miami for years to come. Turns out, the Spurs might have always been the appropriate model for up-and-coming teams to follow. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Well this isn't cool. It's not exactly surprising that some morons took too Twitter to blast Steve Blake after he missed the shot that would have likely won Game 2 for the Lakers, but some are getting a wee bit intense. Nice to see Kobe sticking up for his teammate after yelling at him for taking a wide open shot the previous night.
  • Sam Amick has an excellent breakdown of the NBA Draft's top four prospects and 15 gambles.
  • Most of you have probably already heard of Jabari Parker, who graced the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. If you haven't heard of the "best high school basketball player since LeBron James," you will soon enough.
  • It's gonna be a crazy weekend for sports in L.A. [Washington Post]
  • The Bobcats must not have anyone younger than 30 in their front office, or else they would have never thought this was a good idea. [SB Nation]