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#QUOTESANITY: 1. Can't Say I Do vs. 8. Willing To Die For This

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For the next few weeks, we're voting on the top Wizards quote of the year, bracket-style, in a little something we like to call #QUOTESANITY. In this installment, we kick off the final four with our McGee and Humblebrag Regional champions. Our two competitors got here on two wildly different paths. Top overall seed Can't Say I Do has gone through some tight battles but proven itself worthy of its seeding. Willing To Die For This, on the other hand, has thoroughly crushed their higher seeded competition to get here.

1. Can't Say I Do

I can't say I do, but I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later. - JaVale McGee, when asked if he understood the message Randy Wittman was trying to send by benching him.

8. Willing To Die For This

I told my teammates: I'm willing to give y'all 100-percent out of me every game. I'm willing to die for this. -Andray Blatche at Media Day

It may not wind up being as epic as DOOM AT THE SHADOW ROOM, but this match-up promises to bring the fireworks. It's time to vote.