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Mini-links: Rashard Lewis And The Amnesty Clause

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In a lot of meetings today, so this will be quick.

  • Jordan's piece on how to use Jordan Crawford is an absolute must-read.
  • Does Morris Almond have a future with the Wizards? [Wizards Insider]
  • This piece seems to think that the Wizards are going to amnesty Rashard Lewis if they fail to find a trade partner before June 30. It's hard to say whether this is just speculation or backed up by actual league sources. [HoopsWorld]
  • Reviewing James Singleton's season. [CSN Washington]
  • As noted yesterday, the Wizards show up a lot of times in Jon Bois' hilarious NBA Sloganalysis piece. [SB Nation]
  • Really good stuff from Tom Ziller on how the Thunder channeled James Harden into his role. As Ziller notes, it's hard to get someone to go from being a featured player to dialing back into a role player. That'll be relevant with Crawford. [SB Nation]
  • I wrote about Kobe Bryant on the mothership today. Hope you guys enjoy. [SB Nation]
  • The Celtics blow out the 76ers after adjusting their offensive strategy. [SB Nation Boston]