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Evaluating Washington Wizards' Coaching Options: Phil Jackson

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The Wizards find themselves entering this off season without a head coach under contract. After firing Coach Flip Saunders, the Wizards finished the regular season under the tenure of coach Randy Wittman. While Wittman's achievements with the team can be viewed in a mostly positive light, this off season represents a chance for the Wizards to make an aggressive move to hire a a coach with a new voice. Whether the Wizards take that opportunity or stick with Wittman remains to be seen, but in the meantime, we'll evaluate several other coaching possibilities. Next up: Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson

Career Record: 1155 - 485 (.704)

Why he is available:

Jackson didn't leave on quite the high note that he would have if he had retired after the 2009-10 season, but he left on his terms. Suffice to say, the word out of LA after his departure was that all vestiges of the Jackson regime were scrubbed from the offices, with long term members of the Jackson camp being unceremoniously let go as the Lakers front office (read ownership) attempted to regain control from a man who led the Lakers to five championships during his tenure. Since that time, Jackson has been linked with every "hot" available coaching gig, most notably the New York Knicks. Whether Jackson decides to return to coaching remains to be seen, but he has enough success under his belt that one can assume that he will not take any job that would tarnish his legacy.

Why would he want to come here:

C'mon guys. Phil Jackson is not coming to the Washington Wizards.

Why would it work:

I mean, its Phil Jackson. But seriously, he is not coming to the Washington Wizards.

Why wouldn't it work:

It might not work for matter of control/personnel and the fact the Phil couldn't easily navigate his motorcycle through the streets of DC. But again, Phil Jackson is not coming to the Washington Wizards.

Final Verdict:

If Jackson were to come out of retirement, it would be to return to the Knicks as a conquering hero and put a final feather in his already illustrious cap. He might also consider taking over the Clippers for the year just to stick it to Lakers management and have one last laugh over Kobe Bryant. Whichever path Phil Jackson decides on, it will not run through Washington.