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#QUOTESANITY: 1. Blow It In The Club vs. 2. Valentine's Shorties


For the next few weeks, we're voting on the top Wizards quote of the year, bracket-style, in a little something we like to call #QUOTESANITY. In this installment, we crown a champion in the Cash, Cars, Women and Food Region where both top seeds are still standing. Blow It In The Club shaved off Five Pounds Of Hair with 59 percent of the vote and Jordan Crawford's Valentine's Shories got rid of Beer For Lunch with 78 percent of the vote.

1. Blow It In The Club

Either that or blow it in the club - Chris Singleton on why he spent $10,000 on Mega Millions tickets.

2. Valentine's Shorties

I'm the wrong person to talk to about Valentine's Day. I usually get rid of my shorties around now. -Jordan Crawford, when asked what gifts he gives for Valentine's Day.

Both of these quotes say something about the spending habits of young men, but it's up to you to decide which investment strategy you endorse. It's time to vote.