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Links: Which NBA assistants most deserve a head coaching gig?

Pretty sure I know what I'm doing.
Pretty sure I know what I'm doing.

Today's links:

  • Could any of these career NBA assistants be the next Wizards coach? [SB Nation]
  • BNIE starts our "Draft Lottery Countdown" by qualifying Ted's season-ending 'We plan to be GOOD' proclamation.
  • Randy Wittman's comparison of bad basketball to chain smoking was a favorite among those who covered the team. References to the quote repeatedly found their way into coverage as the season rolled along, earning Wittman's analogy a two-seed in our #QUOTESANITY bracket. Well, you all were evidently less impressed with Wittman's paralleland have slated it for early defeat to another metaphor: JaVale McGee and Nick Young joking that playing for the Wizards is akin to doing time. Meanwhile, Jan Vesely telling a Czech website that he heard Flip Saunders "likes white players" is winning because, well, how can't it?
  • In his latest "Better Know a Free Agent," Mike makes it clear that he is a fan of Pacers guard George Hill, The Fightin' Hill! But is he worth what Indiana might be willing to pay him?
  • pantlessyoda breaks down UConn center Andre Drummond for our latest "Better Know a Draft Pick." No, thank you.
  • Most of you were 'meh' on Mo Evans's decidedly 'meh' season.
  • TAI has posted season reviews for Jordan Crawford and Chris Singleton.
  • Frank Hanrahan thinks Cartier Martin showed enough this past season to earn an invite to training camp. [CSN Washington]
  • If healthy, could Rashard Lewis actually contribute to the Wizards next season? [Crossover Chronicles]
  • Here's a cute video of Wizards players talking about their favorite team or charitable activities of the year. []
  • Recaps from yesterday's playoff action: [Daily Dime | Spurs-Clippers (SB Nation, SI, AP) | Heat-Pacers (SB Nation, SI, AP)]
  • How old is Tim Duncan again? Because he ran circles around Blake Griffin and the Clips last night. [ESPN]
  • Duncan looked like he was 10 years younger en route to scoring 26 points and snatching 10 rebounds. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Dwyane Wade was't happy that the Pacers were happy after their Game 2 win. [SB Nation]
  • Wade should worry less about whether the some Pacers were celebrating after the game and more about how to prevent another subpar showing like the Heat had in Game 2. [Heat Index]
  • Can the Clippers bounce back from being blown out in Game 1? They've made a habit of responding to adversity. [ESPN Los Angeles]
  • Could Chris Bosh's injury do more to restore his reputation than his at-times-excellent play? [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Everyone already knew the Thunder was very good, but Kevin Durant & Co. officially announced their arrival as an NBA power with their Game 1 shellacking of the Lakers. [SB Nation]
  • But the Thunder could be without center Kendrick Perkins in Game 2 after he aggravated a right hip strain in the second half of Game 1. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Oklahoma City has found success exploiting Andrew Bynum on the pick-and-roll. [The Point Forward]
  • Kobe Bryant knows that if his Lakers are to win their series against the Thunder, it won't be with athleticism, but strategy. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Good lord. It's possible Derrick Rose could miss all of next season with his ACL tear. [SB Nation]
  • The Mavericks have re-signed head coach (and former Virginia Cavalier) Rick Carlisle to a four-year contract with an optional extension. [Dallas Morning News]
  • David Thorpe is really impressed with Kyrie Irving. Like, I'm-worried-he's-fallen-down-too-many-flights-of-stairs impressed. Am I the only one that didn't think Irving's rookie year (18.5 points and 5.4 assists versus John Wall's 16.4 points and 8.3 assists as a rookie) was that big of a deal?
  • Interesting post over at SLC Dunk comparing each NBA team based on number of wins since the 2000-2001 season and their respective market shares. Warning: As with most things, this is very depressing for Wizards fans.
  • Tracee Hamlton has a problem with David Stern fining Frank Vogel $15,000 for calling the Heat "the biggest flopping team in the NBA" when Ron Artest got only a seven-game suspension for essentially committing assault on a basketball court. [Washington Post]
  • The folks over at Deadspin are quite good, and they've uncovered another doozy, apparently catching former NBA coach and current ESPN scouting writer plagiarizing, of all things, a Spurs message board.
  • The Atlantic's Kevin Fixler thinks the traditional NBA center has fallen by the wayside, but Kelly Dwyer thinks that's a bit overblown.