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Better Know A Free Agent: George Hill


Depending on what the Washington Wizards do with Andray Blatche and Rashard Lewis, they could have around $12 million of salary-cap space to spend this summer. It remains to be seen if the Wizards actually use it or bank it towards the 2013 class, but in any event, there are a number of free agents that could help the team's push into playoff contention. We'll take a look at several of those options in this running series. Next up: George Hill.

PREVIOUSLY: Eric Gordon, Nicolas Batum, O.J. Mayo, Ryan Anderson, Courtney Lee, Gerald Wallace, Ersan Ilyasova, Carlos Delfino, Lou Williams, Danny Green.

Team: Indiana Pacers.

Type: Restricted free agent.

This past year: Had another really solid season despite switching teams and seeing his role change from more of a spot-up shooter to a lead guard. A midseason injury slowed his progression a bit, but once he returned healthy, he finished the season strong. His insertion into the starting lineup helped fuel the Pacers' fast finish and allowed him to show off his improved playmaking skills. He remains a solid deep shooter, a sure-handed ball-handler and a pretty good defender.

Why he's fit in well: He's able to play both guard spots very well, possessing both the spot-up game and the pick and roll game to fit in. While he is prone to over-dribbling sometimes, he's also very crafty as a pick and roll player, finishing ninth in the league on plays where he attempted a shot off a pick and roll, according to

Why he might not: He's become a bit more ball-dominant since leaving the Spurs, and that might be an issue with John Wall and Jordan Crawford already in the picture. He's also more good than great as a three-point shooter, and he's not really a classic two like many of the other players we've profiled.

Likely price tag: I would be surprised if the Pacers let him get away for the mid-level exception or below. Even attaching a poison pill to an offer (i.e. when you frontload the contract offer so it costs more for the Pacers to match in the first year) probably won't work because the Pacers are well under the cap. I would be surprised if he signs for less than the full mid-level exception.

Verdict: Of all the free-agent shooting guards not named Eric Gordon, I like Hill the best. However, after his strong season with the Pacers, I would be very surprised if they let him get away. It'll probably take a mid-level offer or more, and as much as I like Hill, it might not be fiscally prudent to overpay him with so many other options on the market.