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#QUOTESANITY: 2. Randy Wittman On Cigarettes vs. 6. Good Behavior

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For the next few weeks, we're voting on the top Wizards quote of the year, bracket-style, in a little something we like to call #QUOTESANITY. In this installment, Randy Wittman's habit-breaking ways face off against Gilbert Arenas' Get Out Of Jail Free card. Randy Wittman On Cigarettes got here by beating Nick Young's Not Top 10 Curse with two-thirds of the vote while Arenas' Good Behavior quote advanced after beating Guys Aren't Listening with 84 percent of the vote.

2. Randy Wittman On Cigarettes

It's like any bad habit we have. If you're a smoker, you ain't going to drop those habits in a day. I've got to help them kick some of these bad habits that we're in. That's all it is. We've fallen into playing a way that's not conducive for us to win. So when I see them pull out a cigarette, I got to take it out of my mouth.. - Randy Wittman on trying to curb the team's bad habits

6. Good Behavior

What's funny is when JaVale and Nick got traded this year, they called me and said, 'We out on good behavior. Dray went up for his parole hearing and got denied. We make a joke about it. -Gilbert Arenas on keeping in touch with his former teammates

Both of these quotes provide some insight into the team culture and what went wrong this season, but which one stood out more to you. It's time to vote.