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#QUOTESANITY: 4. Space Jam vs. 8. Likes White Players

For the next few weeks, we're voting on the top Wizards quote of the year, bracket-style, in a little something we like to call #QUOTESANITY. In this installment, Flip Saunders compares the Wizards to the Toon Squad and then mistakenly gets accused of liking white players. Space Jam got here by beating God Has A Plan with 70 percent of the vote, while Likes White Players knocked out top seeded Sense Of Entitlement with 71 percent in Round 1.

4. Space Jam

The first half we looked like ‘Space Jam' where everyone lost all their talents and couldn't do anything there for a while. But I told them, when you haven't passed the ball very much, and you've been holding the ball and holding it, then all of a sudden, as a team, when you try to start doing it, it's like guys aren't ready. - Flip Saunders on the team after a poor start against Philadelphia.

8. Likes White Players

I don't know how much he trusts rookies, but I heard that he likes white players, so we'll see. -Jan Vesely when asked by a Czech website what he knew about Wizards coach Flip Saunders. He later clarified that he meant European players, but still, that's a great quote.

Something to keep in mind before you vote: If Jan Vesely was right and Flip Saunders was coaching the Toon Squad, Bill Murray and Elmer Fudd would have gotten more playing time. Pretty sure that version of Space Jam would have been much more boring.