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Links: Nick Young and the Clippers hunker down for crucial Game 7 road win over Grizzlies

Wait a this what drawing contact is like??
Wait a this what drawing contact is like??

JaVale McGee and the Nuggets got bounced in the first round, but Nick Young and the Clippers are moving face the Spurs. So yeah, it was fun while it lasted. Links:

  • Count David Stern among those who thinks flopping in the NBA has gone too far. The commish said in a sideline interview during Game 1 of Pacers-Heat that it was time to "look at it in a more serious way." [SB Nation]
  • Kyrie Irving has won Rookie of the Year, but you already knew that was going to happen. [SB Nation, ESPN]
  • Denver Stiffs has a recap of the Nuggets season, which includes a look back at the trade which brought McGee to Denver in exchange for Nene.
  • I see most of you are not big fans of Brian Cook.
  • Since Rashard Lewis would be a mighty expensive reserve behind Jan Vesely and Chris Singleton, Frank Hanrahan ithinks the Wizards should buy Lewis out this summer. [CSN Washington]
  • Ron Artest brings hustle and passion (and sharp elbows) that the Lakers were missing at times against the Nuggets and will desperately need to upset the Thunder. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Andre Iguodala and Doug Collins have led the Sixers back to the postseason, but after skirting by the injury-depleted Bulls, Philadelphia is a heavy underdog to the Celtics. [Washington Times]
  • Britt Robson has the Thunder making quick work of the Lakers, but Paul Forrester thinks the Spurs will dispatch the Clips even quicker.
  • Only click on this if you hate your computer, because I promise you will shoot the screen after having seen this. I had to buy a new monitor and install bulletproof glass around it just to include this link. Spoiler: It's about Stephon Marbury getting a statue of himself built in Beijing because WHY THE FU MANCHU NOT?!?!