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2012 Wizards Player Evaluation: Brian Cook


It is the end of the season which marks the point where the Bullets Forever community get to weigh in on how well they think each Wizards player did over the course of the the abbreviated 2011-12 season. Each player is rated on the 1-10 scale. Next up: Brian Cook

The great part about the Wizards is that they always manage to collect one guy a year who can take on the ire of the collective fanbase and take it away from the starters. Mo Evans tenaciously held onto that spot early in the year, calling for ISO plays and generally just acting very much un-Mo Evans-like until a new a darker power emerged....Brian Cook. Don't get me wrong, Cook combined with Evans on several occasions to drag the Wizards back into games they had no business winning. Unfortunately, Cook always appeared to be more excited about "getting his" rather than playing as part of a team concept. Hence the live drive three pointers and the requisite jacking that would make Jordan Crawford blush. To draw a superhero comparison, he was the Bizarro James Singleton. Cook will find another NBA home next year, but it won't be on the Washington Wizards.

BOLD PREDICTION: Brian Cook will be and assistant coach on a team that makes the Final Four.