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Links: Remembering when The Big Dipper and Big E descended on D.C.'s playgrounds

I could still take you off the dribble, no matter who "you" is.
I could still take you off the dribble, no matter who "you" is.

Welcome to this Mother's Day edition of links. Nothing mother-related in this batch, just a reminder that if you haven't already, call your mom!! With that out of the way, we can get to the important stuff, like whether JaVale McGee is moving on to the second round or not...

  • So we already know McGee isn't moving on to the second round. Nick Young still could if the Clippers beat the Grizzlies tonight in Game 7. Here's a short piece on how each responded to a foreign situation: playoff basketball. [CSN Washington]
  • So evidently the Internet runs wild with things that people say, especially when those people are famous and particularly if said famous person is Magic Johnson commenting on the job security of Lakers head coach Mike Brown. Who knew? [SB Nation]
  • We know what you were thinking last night: Man, this Lakers-Nuggets series is awesome, if only Ron Artest were playing and could somehow chokeslam JaVale McGee. You're welcome.
  • Speaking of Artest, he plans to continue his policy of not shaking hands with subs in the second round, even it its as a goodwill gesture towards James Harden, who we're pretty sure still has an elbow-sized dent in his left temple. [Yahoo! Sports | ESPN Los Angeles]
  • The Celtics can be weird to watch sometimes, but they're better than the Sixers. [ESPN Boston]
  • LeBron said all the right things at his MVP press conference yesterday. Don't worry, everyone still hates him for some reason that they won't share/can't identify. [Heat Index]
  • Pacers coach Frank Vogel called out the Heat on Thursday for being the "biggest flopping team in the NBA." Evidently the NBA didn't like that, and has fined Vogel $15,000. [AP]
  • Britt Robson breaks down Heat-Pacers and offers his prediction on the series. [SI]
  • Kelly Dwyer also has a prediction for Heat-Pacers. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Zach Lowe believes David West will determined whether the Pacers can upset Miami. [The Point Forward]