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2012 Wizards Player Evaluation Poll: Trevor Booker

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It is the end of the season which marks the point where the Bullets Forever community get to weigh in on how well they think each Wizards player did over the course of the the abbreviated 2011-12 season. Each player is rated on the 1-10 scale. Next up: Trevor Booker

The progress that a player makes in his sophomore season is one of the most overly dissected aspect of covering the NBA. As Mike has pointed out, player progression is not necessarily linear, but a series of steps forward, followed by a lull or a perceived step back, with the most important aspect being that the player is being given the proper opportunity and setting to develop his skill set. Many pixels were wasted this year on whether John Wall was developing at the proper pace and whether the Wizards had managed to land themselves an All-Star player rather than a franchise backbone.

But this article isn't about John Wall and non-linear player progression, its about Trevor Booker.

Trevor Booker doesn't refute Mike's argument, but he is a balm to those who like to see a steady growth each season in the talents of their young assets. Much like last year, Booker spent some time coming off the bench, only to grab hold of the starting role at PF when the opportunity was given to him and he didn't look back until he was shut down with a foot injury late in the season. Booker's trajectory throughout the year pointed upwards as he continued to do the things that won him admiration last year through his hustle and grit, but also worked on the things that critics pointed to that could limit his effectiveness.

Develop his jumper range? Check.

Establish a pick and roll game with John Wall? Double Check.

In a year of disappointments and surprises, Trevor Booker was one guy who did exactly what everyone expected him to do when the year started. He continued to work and continued to refine his game and through that became a better player. The only question going forward is how Wizards management see him fitting into a suddenly talented and deep frontcourt. Booker has already had to seize his opportunity twice, it would be nice if his third season began with him in the starting rotation rather sitting on the bench.

BOLD PREDICTION: Trevor Booker will go on to have a better career than David West.