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Wizards vs. Bobcats Game Time, TV Schedule and Open Thread


2011/12 NBA Regular Season
7-47 12-44
April 9, 2012
Time Warner Cable Arena
7 PM
Kemba Walker
PG John Wall
Gerald Henderson
SG Jordan Crawford
Derrick Brown
SF Chris Singleton
Byron Mullens PF Jan Vesely
Bismack Biyombo C Kevin Seraphin

PREGAME READING: Rufus On Fire | SB Nation D.C.

Let the race to the bottom commence!

I don't put much faith in the "Basketball Gods" rewarding or punishing teams for their actions, but I do believe that the Washington Wizards should try their hardest to defeat the Bobcats tonight. It might take away from the amount of ping pong balls that the Wizards eventually receive, but at this point I think the team needs a win more than it needs vague reassurance that "next year" it will be different with another draft pick.

As such, I would draw up these actions items tonight:

  • Beat the bad team;
  • Make Jan Vesely take a few jumpers;
  • Continue to develop Seraphin's post game;
  • Encourage Jordan Crawford to keep distributing rather than chucking;
  • Keep John Wall active and invested;
  • But most importantly, beat the bad team.