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Poll: Who Should Be Wizards Next Head Coach?

With the Shakespeare play that is currently being performed in Orlando, many are wondering if Stan Van Gundy's days in the Magic Kingdom are numbered. The Wizards can only hope that drama plays out to its fullest, because a Van Gundy exit would mean a bumper crop of recently successful coaches (Nate McMillan, Mike D'Antoni) are available to take over for Year 3 of the John Wall era.

This leads to the question of whether one thinks that Randy Wittman has done enough to merit taking the job over fulltime. Since Wittman has taken over, the team competed on a more consistent basis, although this has not necessarily translated itself to wins. One can arguably make the case that player development has also improved slightly, with players such as Kevin Seraphin taking a step forward under Wittman's tutelage. Do you reward the increased effort? Or do you mark it down to the fact that any voice would have brought greater success after the players had tuned out Flip Saunders?

Much of this depends on what action Ted Leonsis decides to take with Ernie Grunfeld. A new GM would almost certainly insist on hiring an new head coach in his quest to make the franchise respectable. However, if Grunfeld signs an extension, there is a chance that Wittman might get one more year to develop and coach the current roster.

My stance remains the same as it has been from the outset in that I believe that the Wizards need a complete organizational overhaul from top to bottom. This has less to due with the failures or successes of Ernie Grunfeld or Randy Wittman, and more to do with the fact that the franchise needs a jolt of fresh ideas and a new approach to avoid appearing moribund and stuck in their ways. If Stan Van Gundy is eventually ousted, I think he might be the best choice to lead the Wizards going forward, if only for his deep knowledge of the Southeast Conference.

I leave it to the Community. Who would you choose to be the next Wizards Head Coach.