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Trevor Booker, Nene Unlikely To Play Vs. Indiana Pacers

From the sounds of it, Trevor Booker and Nene will both miss their third straight game with plantar fasciitis injuries. Via Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner:

That's unfortunate, obviously. It also is interesting to me that they haven't played since Friday because Wittman has always referred to the plantar fasciitis injury as a day-by-day thing, where it hurts more some days than others. Now that they've missed three straight games, perhaps the injuries are a bit more serious than have been let on.

Of course, there's always the possibility that the Wizards are sitting Nene and Booker because there's no point in aggravating those injuries this late in the year. Wittman downplayed the tanking angle on Monday, saying that Nene and Booker would probably be out of action regardless of the Wizards' place in the standings, but it wouldn't shock me if that was part of the team's rationale.

In any event, I do think it's unfortunate that the injuries have happened. Sure, more losses may mean better draft lottery position, but it would have been better to give John Wall some experience playing with Nene. Now, as Wittman said on Monday, the Wizards are playing like a team that made another trade. That hurts everyone's development.