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Links: Ex-Washington Wizard Nick Young figures into Los Angeles Clippers epic comeback over Memphis Grizzlies

Who took my bow?!?
Who took my bow?!?

So it looked like we on our way to four stinkers in yesterday's batch of playoff action, but then the Clippers rescued us all by going on one of the more amazing runs in NBA history to defeat the Grizzlies, who had a 24-point lead with eight minutes to play. Oh, and yeah, Nick Young played a key role in the comback, too. No joke. Links:

  • Young hit three three-pointers in one minute to cut what was then a 12-point Grizzlies lead into a three-point advantage. Here's Mike on Young's improbable performance, plus a few playoff notes on other former Wizards.
  • Speaking of which, most of you probably heard about Andrew Bynum's triple-double yesterday. Well, JaVale McGee was on the other end of that one. Mike couldn't help but feel sorry for Pierre.
  • John Wall took a lot of criticism this season, much of it deserved. He did not improve like a No. 1 overall pick is expected to in his sophomore season. Some observers thought Wall hardly improved at all, and looked essentially like the same player from his rookie year. Sounds like Wall might not necessarily disagree with that assessment. [Washington Post]
  • Wall and Nene have set high goals for next season. [Washington Times]
  • Andray Blatche is once again promising to work super-duper hard this offseason. Also, sounds like he got pretty fat at one point this year, which isn't surprising given that he was benched for half the season for being out of shape. [Washington Post]
  • May the #QUOTESANITY begin. Remember, I got "Can't Say I Do," "American Jan Vesely," "Valentine's Shorties" and "Sense of Entitlement" in the Final Four and "Can't Say I Do" taking down "Valentine's Shorties" in the final.
  • Who among Cartier Martin, James Singleton and Morris Almond should return next year. The bet here is fans would like two of the three back. [Wizards Extreme]
  • Excellent breakdown here of Clips-Grizz by Andrew Sharp. [SB Nation]
  • More on the Clippers' comeback and brief breakdowns of yesterday's games. [Daily Dime]
  • Adrian Wojnarowski weighed in on Chris Paul's role in bringing his team back and the importance of Andrew Bynum to the Lakers' championship aspirations.
  • Here's more from Steve Perrin on why Paul is never out of game. [SB Nation]
  • Rajon Rondo doesn't have the best attitude, and it got him trouble again yesterday when he bumped into an official while arguing a no-call. Rondo was ejected from the game and faces a possible suspension. Not good for the Celtics. [SB Nation]
  • Some suggested in the wake of Derrick Rose's ACL tear that the compressed 66-game schedule could be to blame. Naturally, not everyone agrees with that.
  • Bomani Jones is not buying the argument that Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau was at fault, either. [SB Nation]
  • With Rose out, Tom Ziller has noticed that Bulls-Sixers is now a remarkably even series. [SB Nation]
  • This isn't exactly Wizards-related, but it is NBA-related and local. Terrell Stoglin has reportedly declared for the NBA draft after being suspended for the season, probably for doing something very Stoglinish. As a UMD grad, I wouldn't at all be surprised if he went undrafted.