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Welcome to #QUOTESANITY: Voting on the top Wizards Quote From This Year


Ten years from now, we'll remember the Wizards' 2011-12 season for three things:

  1. JaVale McGee's blooper reel
  2. The beginning of the Nene era
  3. Arguably the most quotable season in NBA history.
Despite a lockout-shortened season, this year's squad really brought it with memorable sayings. Gilbert Arenas had a run in 2006-07 that will probably never be matched, but the depth on this team from top to bottom is something to truly be marveled. And since the Wizards aren't in the playoffs this season, we need to crown a champion in something, so we give you #QUOTESANITY.

Each day, we'll post two quote battles and give you 24 hours to vote it out for which one you think is the better quote. The criteria for what you determine is best is entirely up to you.

After the jump, a look back at the quotes that just missed the cut for #QUOTESANITY.

McGee Regional

Humblebrag Regional

Cash, Cars, Women and Food Region

  • "Also, I have to reveal about myself, that so far I postponed the venture with driver’s license indefinitely. I don’t even necessarily need a car now, and when I gotta go somewhere, I take a cab. In the end that is more comfortable as well, because parking in Washington is very problematic. Rather than passing driver’s license tests, now I want to devote myself to improving my basketball performances." -Jan Vesely on getting his driver's license.

Life in the Cellar Region