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Bucks Vs. Wizards Quotes: Jordan Crawford Wants To Get To 20 Wins


WASHINGTON -- Here are your postgame quotes from the Washington Wizards' blowout loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday. If these seem boring, it's because it was a pretty uneventful locker-room scene.


On the loss: "Our legs looked heavy tonight. In this stretch we're going through, not to make excuses, but that's going to happen. So we've got to get ourselves back energized with a day off tomorrow leading into three in a row coming up. I don't think we had the bounce in our legs tonight like I've seen."

On the team's effort: "I don't think anything with our effort. I think our guys were there. We started off a little flat offensively in knocking down shots. We missed some open shots that got us a little down on ourselves. A couple times, I felt it in the huddle. But that's going to happen."

On injuries to Nene and Trevor Booker: "You get in this situation, you're playing guys out of position again and trying to teach them on the go what this play call is and what's that. It's almost like we made another trade."


On why the Bucks won: "They're a powerful scoring team. They've got a lot of players that can score and hurt you from different angles. They got a lot of pick and roll buckets. We got to improve on that."

On his goals for the rest of the season: "I want to get to 20 wins. That's what I want to do. We're eight away, and they're 13 games left. We got 8-5, that's pretty good."


On why the Wizards lost: "We just couldn't overcome their depth in the frontcourt. I think our bigs got a little winded trying, working as hard as they could."


On defending Milwaukee's mostion offense: "That's not that tough, because that's just basketball. That's not hard for us. [We struggled] because of turnovers and not enough rebounds. They got a lot of offensive rebounds."


On missed shots at the rim: "I'm not going to say I got fouled because I don't want to get fined, but I was just playing basketball, attacking and doing what I do to try to get my team involved. Calls didn't go my way, shots didn't go my way."

On playing off the ball: "We can do that at times. I'm more of a point guard that get my teammates involved. But when I'm tired and I need a break, if Jordan [Crawford] has it going, you put him on the ball. He can also create and do the same thing I can do."