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NBA Draft Lottery Odds, NBA Playoffs Schedule Both Set

The end of the NBA's season means two things: the NBA Draft lottery odds are set, and the NBA Playoffs schedule is out. Let's start with the lottery odds, since they actually involve the Wizards, and later move on to the playoffs schedule.

Anyway, the draft odds. I wrote them up for here, but to summarize what most people here already know:

  • The season-ending six-game winning streak didn't change the Wizards' position one bit. They still have the second-best chance of winning the lottery behind the woeful Bobcats.
  • The Wizards have a 19.9-percent chance to get the No. 1 pick and a 55.8-percent chance of staying in the top three.
  • The last time the Wizards had the second-best chance was in 2009, when they fell to fifth. However, it's worth noting that they didn't really have the second-best chance like they do now because they were tied with the Clippers. They won a random drawing to be listed as the second-worst team, but all that got them was one more ping-pong combination.
  • The last time the team with the second-worst record won the lottery? The Philadelphia 76ers in 1996.

Now, your 2012 NBA Playoffs schedule for the weekend, for those interested. That link also has the full schedule.