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NBA Draft Lottery 2012: Washington Wizards Clinch Second-Most Ping-Pong Balls

Fans of tanking, rejoice and stand back, because the job is done. Thanks to a fairly epic comeback win by the New Orleans Hornets over the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night, the Washington Wizards have clinched the second-worst record in the NBA.

The Hornets' win, which came after a wild sequence that ended with a Marco Belinelli layup that was goaltended in the final seconds, gives them 21 on the season. Even if the Wizards win their final two games against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, they can only finish with a maximum of 20 wins. Therefore, the Wizards have earned the second-worst record in the league, and fans have no tangible reason to root for losses.

For their efforts, the Wizards will receive 199 ping-pong combinations and a 19.9-percent chance to get the top pick. The Wizards have a 18.8-percent chance for the No. 2 pick and a 17.1-percent chance for the No. 3 pick, so they have a 55.8-percent chance at a top-three pick.