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Ernie Grunfeld Press Conference Recap: Wizards In Year Two Of Three-Year Plan

My move is finally close to complete and my Internet is working, so here's a brief recap of today's press conference, courtesy Wizards Insider. Some key points and what they may mean:

  • Grunfeld said he feels the team is in the second year of a three-year rebuilding plan, which means this summer is especially important. I'd expect the Wizards to be pretty active this summer in free agency, depending on how much money they have. They could clear away around $12 million if they buy out Rashard Lewis and use the amnesty clause on Andray Blatche.
  • Grunfeld did say that Blatche has not necessarily played his last game in D.C. We'll see whether it actually plays out that way, but keep in mind that it does Grunfeld no good to say yes to that question.
  • Grunfeld did correctly note that the trade for Nene was essentially a free-agent move. I agree with his logic on that one.
  • You got the same old company line about the end of the Big 3 era and the move towards the future. There will be more of that coming. It is what it is.

A more complete recap to come once I make more progress on unpacking.