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Ernie Grunfeld Press Conference Today at Noon - Open Thread

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Newly re-signed (hah) GM Ernie Grunfeld will be conducting a press conference today at noon at the Verizon Center. Unfortunately, Mike is moving and I am out of town, so the biting questions will be held to a minimum. I am sure that much of the coverage will concentrate on the direction the team is heading, Grunfeld's plans for Free Agency and the draft, and where he considers the Wizards to be in terms of Ted Leonsis' "plan."

I am going to save my own thoughts for a longer piece later, because much of what I am thinking has already eloquently been stated by Mike in his piece from yesterday. Many have drawn similarities between Ted Leonsis' retention of George McPhee and his rehiring of Grunfeld, but to me its an apples to oranges comparison. The fact of the matter is that the Wizards are going to remain mired in the same lockstep thinking that has gotten them into this rebuild in the first place, and I'm not sure that another spin on the carousel is going to fix the issues plaguing the team.

Note: This is an Ernie Grunfeld press conference so do not expect a lot of revelations. Expect short answers and a lot of "Grunfeldese."