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Links: Washington Wizards stomp Charlotte Bobcats and Ernie Grunfeld to return as general manager

Hey, think you'd like to stick around, just for kicks?
Hey, think you'd like to stick around, just for kicks?

Well, that was unexpected, or at least the timing was. The Wizards won yesterday (and in convincing fashion) but my guess is most you care (a lot) more about reports of Ted Leonsis giving Ernie Grunfeld a multi-year extension to remain as the team's GM. Here's some links:

  • First, here's Michael Lee's story recapping the game and Grunfeld's extension. [Washington Post]
  • Mike views Grunfeld's return as an opportunity lost and is less concerned with his extension than the process Ted Leonsis followed in handing it out, i.e. not even interviewing other candidates. But Mike also hints that this is in step with Ted's history as owner of the Caps: initiating a fire sale, drafting Alex Ovechkin No. 1 overall and sticking with George McPhee through the dark 'rebuilding' years as complimentary pieces were accrued almost exclusively through the draft. Just sub in Grunfeld for GMGM and John Wall for Ovi and you've got a narrative with similar early chapters.
  • Mike Wise argues that Grunfeld is sticking around because he followed orders to save cash and acquire draft picks. [Washington Post]
  • More on Grunfeld: [Us | Washington Examiner | Wiz of Awes]
  • More recaps from yesterday's smackdown of the Bobkittens: [Us | SB Nation D.C. | Washington Times | Wiz of Awes| CSN Washington highlights | Rufus on Fire | Popcorn Machine | HoopData box score]
  • Grunfeld's first major decision post-extension will be whether to retain interim head coach Randy Wittman after the season. [Washington Post]
  • Tickets for Wiz-Bobcats were selling for as low as $1, which is still a ripoff, so the Wizards came up with a plan to raise a little extra dough: an a cappella competition. Yep. For the grand prize of getting to sing the national anthem at the home finale against the Heat, all aspiring high school choir groups had to do was pony up $35 bucks per member to audition prior to yesterday's game. Can you say "revenue stream?" Actually, I think Wiz fans can get over the team's 18-46 record, but if this ends up as the inspiration for an episode of Glee, I fear the franchise may never recover. [SB Nation DC]
  • Your Washington Wizards currently own the longest winning streak in the Eastern Conference. Sigh. [CSN Washington]
  • In this excellent FanPost averagebro begs the question, how is this season's "strong finish" any different than those of previous seasons?
  • Frank Hanrahan is also unsure what to make of the Wizards' recent surge. [CSN Washington]
  • With only two games left, Trevor Booker is still hoping to return before the season ends. [Washington Examiner]
  • John Wall showed up at the Caps game Sunday and, despite the best efforts of his red hoodie, failed to remain hidden from public view. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Dan Diamond explains the dangers of concussions and why Ron Artest should not be allowed to suit up again this season. [Truth About It]