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Links: Washington Wizards fall to depleted Cleveland Cavaliers

Phew, glad I played well and get to stick around in Cleveland, right? Right?
Phew, glad I played well and get to stick around in Cleveland, right? Right?

Wizards get a day off before their game Monday against the Bulls. And they still have to play the Heat twice. Oof. Links:

  • Recaps from yesterday's loss to the Cavs: [Us | SB Nation D.C. | Washington Post (gamer, blog) | Washington Times | Truth About It | Wiz of Awes | Washington Examiner | CSN Washington highlights | Plain Dealer (gamer, blog) | SB Nation Cleveland | Popcorn Machine | ESPN box]
  • It seems everyone's main takeaway from this game was that the Wizards let Luke Harangody, fresh from the D-League, score 16 points and 10 rebounds. His reward? A trip back down for the D-League playoffs. Ouch. [Plain Dealer]
  • Kyle Weidie is still sticking by the Wizards, even after Friday's debacle in Madison Square Garden. [Truth About It]
  • John Wall has taken a lot of heat this season from fans and media members who think the second-year point guard should be shining despite his unfathomably moribund supporting cast. No group has had more sympathy for Wall than his fellow NBA point guards, who when asked about Wall have often questioned whether they would be able to succeed leading a young and inexperienced (read: terrible) squad like the Wizards. Deron Williams has been as outspoken as anybody in his defense of Wall, and added to it Saturday by comparing Wall's situation to his own. [The Record]
  • So remember Mike's ridiculous April Fools joke that everyone took a little too seriously, including Ted Pixels? Well, the notion of turning NBA uniforms into running, leaping billboards might not be so crazy in a couple years. [ProBasketballTalk]