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Links: Washington Wizards set for rematch with Lin-less Knicks

We won't be seeing any of this tonight.
We won't be seeing any of this tonight.

Feels like forever since the Wizards played a game. Admit it, you needed the break. Links:

  • BNIE says to hell with tanking, lets see some 'furious discipline' over the final eight.
  • Carla Peay notes how the Melo-led Knicks team playing the Wiz tonight is far different from the Linsane squad that won in Verizon in February. [Washington Times]
  • Nene practiced a bit Thursday but will remain on the bench against the Knicks. May the Saga of Seraphin continue. [CSN Washington]
  • Just like Randy Wittman, Ernie Grunfeld isn't thinking about the future. [Washington Post]
  • For those that would actually be excited about this, it's old news. But at midnight Reebok released limited gold (GOLD!) John Wall sneakers that come packaged with a briefcase, watch and sunglasses. Just because. [Larry Brown Sports]
  • It's no secret Kevin Seraphin has been playing inspired ball since Nene went down. Now he has people expecting big things in the future. [NBA247365]
  • Eric Freeman thinks talking about the locker room incident is the best way for Gilbert Arenas to put the past behind him. [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Back from China, James Singleton has displayed more offensive polish and noticed a different attitude in the Wizards locker room. [Washington Examiner]
  • Michael Lee recaps some the bigger (and stranger) storylines of this lockout-shortened season. [Washington Post]
  • We need to find where Ted gets his supply. Can anyone translate? [Ted's Take]
  • FYI, Comcast Sportsnet has bumped Monday's game against the Bulls to CSN+ because, apparently, D.C.'s hockey team is in the playoffs. Who knew? [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Barring a 10-game winning streak to end the season, the Wizards will have plenty of appealing options in the 2012 draft. [Wizards Extreme]
  • Andre Drummond declared for the draft. Uber-athletic big man with tantalizing potential but underwhelming game? Don't do it, Ernie. [CSN Washington]