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NBA Trade Rumors: JaVale McGee Is Available, Another Rejected Trade Revealed

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So, hey, now this Andrew Bogut to the Wizards NBA trade rumor makes more sense now. As it turns out, the Wizards have now taken JaVale McGee off the untouchable list and are willing to deal him in the right kind of trade, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post. Lee reports that the Wizards aren't actively shopping him, but will actually listen to trade offers for him this time.

That's interesting to know, because here's a couple trades the Wizards reportedly turned down involving McGee over the past two years.

Last summer, Minnesota discussed sending the No. 2 overall pick (which turned out to be Derrick Williams) in exchange for the sixth pick and McGee but the Wizards declined. Oklahoma City reportedly offered the No. 3 pick (which turned out to be James Harden) for McGee and the fifth overall pick before the 2009 draft.

Both of those may infuriate you. The Williams stuff was what was known at the time and bandied about on the site endlessly in one of the most divided discussions we've ever had. The second one is a new one and is especially bothersome. Yes, we have the benefit of hindsight, but considering the deal the Wizards did eventually get for that pick, and considering the reality that Ricky Rubio probably would have been there with that pick, that's bound to make you mad.

Carla Peay of the Washington Times does report that many teams are interested in McGee, so there's that. I still am in favor of sending him to Golden State for some combination of their young assets.

UPDATE: Via Marc Stein:

The Wiz have been shopping Andray Blatche for months with no luck in hopes of truly changing the team culture around prized youngsters John Wall and Jan Vesely. But sources say the Wiz are now weighing whether it's time to finally surrender McGee -- who for all his potential still routinely finds himself at the heart of Washington's ongoing turbulence -- on the condition that his new team take Blatche as well.

That feels like a tough sell.