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Lakers Vs. Wizards Postgame Quotes And Video: Nick Young Is A Complete Player

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Postgame quotes from last night's 106-101 Wizards win over the Lakers are coming, but first, here's Michael Katz of SB Nation D.C. and I discussing the win after it all ended.

Here are the rest of your quotes.


On how the game turned: "We started making some shots, the crowd got into it, and suddenly, there were no more Lakers fans."

On John Wall's struggles: "He was played differently tonight than he was played probably all year in pick and rolls. That's something he'll adjust to."

On when he sensed a momentum changed: "When we hit those three threes in a row, and all of a sudden you get nine quick points. Now, you look up, and you say, 'Ooh, it's respectable. We can maybe push this even closer.'"

On the team's preparation: "We talked about this in the last game, but today, our minds were right. We came out, it was the best shootaround we've had all years. The attention to detail was fabulous. We did stuff today in trapping because they're so big up front that we really haven't done since I've taken over. We walked through it, we walked through it and we through it, and they did a magnificent job in that."

On how they defended Kobe Bryant: "That's all you can ask to do. He shot 31 times to get 30 points. I'll take that every night."


On getting a career-high six assist: "Hey man, that's what I gotta do. Make my teammates better. I'm just a complete player, you know." (He was laughing).

On defending Kobe Bryant: "I knew everybody back home was watching, so I didn't want to get embarrassed. I really think I gave it my all."

On Kevin Seraphin's performance: "Yeah, they weren't ready for him. I told him to hit them with that crazy stuff. He went out there and did it. He did that strong man stuff. He had been playing nervous, so I told him to relax and have fun. That's what you got to do. Have confidence."


On why he was successful against the Lakers' front line: "Yeah, they're wide, big guys, guys you have to keep out of [the paint]. But that's what I do. That's how I play."

On his inconsistent minutes: "One game ago, I played. Last game, I didn't play. Now, I have to come back and play like I did against LA. I was just thinking, 'Just play, just go out on the court and try to do what is asked of me to do this one time.'"

On if he though the Lakers knew who he was: "I don't think so."

On the team's preparation: "Everybody was focused. There was no joking around before. Everybody was ready to play. Everybody understand we can't not be focused again. So we just have to keep going and try to stay focus."


On the fans cheering for the Lakers: "It's like that at a lot of places. There are a lot of Lakers fans around this country. It's no different here. Just like when the Cowboys come, you get used to it. I'm from here. I'm used to that type of thing."


On Kevin Seraphin: "We always knew he could score if he took his time, but we knew thing kind of game fit him best because they were letting us play physical. He's a physical guy, and playing against [Andrew] Bynum and those guys, he was able to play like he wanted to. Him and Book did a good job on the boards."

On when the tide of the game changed: "Coach did a good job of putting the bench guys in, and when they started making plays, no sense in putting the starters back in. They were doing a great job running the team, so he let those guys keep playing until they get tired or something happens and coach needs to switch it up. Just give all credit to the second unit."

On how the Lakers defended him differently: "When I turned the corner, they made sure they had somebody there making it tough for me to get back to the other side. I also missed a couple shots that I had been making lately, and just give credit to [the fact that] I tried not to force many shots. I didn't want to take 20 shots and take my team out of the game. I just tried to find my teammates, and at times, trying to find them, you got careless turnovers."


On when the tide of the game changed: "You know, at halftime, we had to make some adjustments and come out and play harder. They had a game last night, so you knew they were tired. We just kept fighting and made it a game."

On why Kevin Seraphin was successful: "Have you seen his body? I think he might be the strongest player I've ever played against. He's so strong and used it to his advantage."

On his jumper: "It's coming along. Maybe next year, or maybe even this year, I'll step out to the half-court line."