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VIDEO: Is It Right For Washington Wizards Fans To Boo Andray Blatche?

As I mentioned about a week ago, SB Nation has a new YouTube channel that went live last week. As part of that channel, we at Bullets Forever were given our own section and a camera to be able to record all the videos we want. It's taken long enough, but we finally have our first video.

In this video, I grabbed Andrew Sharp of from the desk sitting right next to me to talk about the boos Andray Blatche has received recently. Is it right for Wizards fans to boo him? Even if it's not right, per se, is it at least understandable? We discussed those questions in the first edition of the Bullets Forever YouTube check-in.

It's our first video, so before you ask: yes, we're probably too far away from the camera, yes, you can see my microphone and yes, the backdrop is a brick wall. Hopefully, we can work out some of those kinks in the future. Here's the link to the BF channel, and here's the link to the SB Nation channel as a whole.