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Warriors Vs. Wizards Quotes: Randy Wittman Falls On The Sword


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Here are your postgame quotes following last night's 120-100 loss to the Golden State Warriors. We aren't covering any quotes that relate to Andray Blatche being booed. For those quotes, click here.


On the team's effort: "I'll take full responsibility for this. I had a sense before the game that we weren't ready to play. That's my job. But I ain't going to put up with that again. We get one win, we come to a situation where we got a team coming in at the end of a road trip on a back-to-back, and we come in with that effort to start the game, it's inexcusable. That's on me."

On who is taking responsibility: "I take responsibility for that. I'm going to clean that up. That is unprofessional. I apologize to anyone who had to watch that and come here any night."

On what he sensed before the game: "You got a sense. You got a vibe. Call it whatever you want. When I walked into the locker room today before I sent them out, I had a vibe. They weren't ready. That's my responsibility."

On the Wizards' pick and roll defense: "If I could get that technical and say that was the reason why we lost this game was because of our pick and roll defense - that probably was part of it - but we lost this game in the locker room."


On Wittman's comments that the team wasn't ready to play: "Basically, some guys knew we lost the game before we even got on the court. Too much joking around through warmups playing against a team like that. We should [have] come out like coach said, where the first one to knock the other out is going to win the game. They're coming off a back-to-back, they're tired. Once they knew they were in the game, they took full advantage."

On poor shooting: "I think guys got to understand when you're not contributing on the offensive end, there's other things you can do. Some nights, it's not going to be your night shooting, so you got to do something defensively or make hustle plays. Tonight, some guys weren't making shots and we got down on ourselves. It hurt the whole team."

On the leadership role he's taking: "I can say as much as possible, but these are still grown guys. They're going to do what they want. You can say as much as possible and get as much respect as possible. We've done a great job of respecting each other and helping each other out through these tough times. It's just not the veteran guys saying stuff. But today, I guess we took it overboard, and that's what the coach says. If he says it, that's what he means."

On joking around when the team is 8-28: "You can kind of say [our record] plays a role. You'd think people would be not playing around, more serious, more respecting and professional. Sometimes, it might be that somebody might say something or do something and you might want to laugh, but at the same time, you have to be professional so it's not at the wrong time."


On what specifically Wittman may have been talking about: "The proof is in the pudding. You look out there and see in the first half that it wasn’t there, for whatever reason. You have to look at the preparation as a whole. We didn’t do what was necessary to prepare for the game and it showed on the court."


On what happened early on: "Just missed shots. They made shots, they got out to that big lead and they took advantage of it."


On what he thought of Wittman's take: "He was talking about the locker room, it sounds like. I don’t have to agree with the coach, because if the coach sees it, it’s true. But we got another game, and I think we were missing shots and they were making shots."