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NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Golden State Warriors 'More Likely' To Go After JaVale McGee In Offseason Than Now

The Golden State Warriors are the team that's popped up the most in NBA trade rumors involving impending restricted free agent center JaVale McGee, mostly because of their stated need for size. That's caused all of us to think of our favorite trade ideas to get something for McGee instead of losing him for nothing over the summer.

The Warriors' public stance, though, suggests they're reluctant to make a midseason deal, at least according to this article by Marcus Thompson of the Contra Coasta Times.

Washington: Though they feel their locker room could take on a potential headache, the Warriors don't like Andray Blatche. They are more likely to go after JaVale McGee this offseason than trade for him now.

Keep in mind that this is a negotiation. Warriors sources aren't going to leak that they're desperate to trade for McGee now, because that would make no sense. Nevertheless, if this is their stance, it certainly is a logical one.