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Trevor Booker Injury: Wizards' Forward Playing Through Left Foot Pain

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WASHINGTON -- The picture to the left? That was tweeted by Trevor Booker following the Washington Wizards' loss to the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night. It came accompanied with this message.

That's an injured foot. As it turns out, it's Booker's left foot, and it's been a lingering issue all season.

"I'm not sure what the diagnosis is, but it feels like I'm running with a nail in my foot," Booker said afterwards. "It's been going on for two months now, but it's just getting worse."

It's the third injury Booker has suffered in his brief time with the Wizards. His rookie season was cut short by a fracture in his right foot, and his overseas expedition to Israel during the lockout ended quickly because of a hip injury.

Booker tweeted that he doesn't plan on missing any time with the injury, but it's worth wondering if that's the right approach. His production remains pretty similar, but there's no point risking a serious long-term injury with the Wizards already well out of the playoff race. The Wizards have to get this thing checked out and deal with it before it becomes an even bigger problem.