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Wizards Vs. Nets Recap: Welcome To A New Nene-ra In Washington; Wizards Win, 108-89





Oh hell. How about 22 and 10?

I am uncertain where Buck ended up at the end of the night, I think he was reduced to point of gargling syllables. Regardless of how you pronounce the name of Mr. Hilario, it was a fairly impressive debut for Wizard's newest addition. In a game that was marred by ejections, chippy play and much to much Kris Humphries, Nene was a steadying and impressive presence on the evening. It has to be a tonic to Wizards fans who are remain concerned that the team cashed in its lottery ticket early as early results are promising.

It ia possible that fundamental basketball will cease to fun after a few games and that we will all miss the highlight dunks and unbelievable youtube plays. But as of tonight, this ceased to be a argument about Nene vs. JaVale. Instead, it becomes about how much better Nene makes the rest of the Wizards. The smallest of samples sizes says that Nene's style of play makes everyone a bit better.

Notes after the break.

  • Nene did most of everything you could expect of him on the night. He certainly isn't as flashy as McGee, but he might be what a young team needs at this point. Mike has pointed out how the center needs to be the QB of the defense and Nene stabilized the Wizards on both the offensive and defensive end.
  • And then there was the passing. I don't have words for how much I missed passing from the interior. Knowing that you might get the ball back means that you continue to move on the offensive end.
  • 1st quibble of the evening - amongst all the Nene love, Trevor Booker had a bad game. He gave up on a few plays and spent too much time arguing with a group of whistle happy refs. He was lucky that he didn't join...
  • Deron Williams and Avery Johnson in the showers. I wouldn't bet money on Deron staying in NJ this summer.
  • 2nd quibble - Shelvin Mack just had a very poor outing in which is becoming an alarming trend.
  • Ok Jan, time to show up. Please?
  • That said, Kevin Seraphin had a nice game little game for himself. The fear is that he is player that needs starters minutes to be effective. I liked his awareness of both sides of the court, but would like to see him pull down a few more of those available rebounds. This desperately needs to be addressed in the draft because I think the Nene/Seraphin/Booker combo is going to prove to be too small on most nights.
A successful start to the a new Nenera.