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Links: Nene Surprises Wizards' Players With His Passing

Today's links:

  • A part of me wants to be excited about how the Wizards are pleasantly surprised that their new center actually passes the ball, but most of me just thinks this is a way for the team to express optimism about the Nene trade. [CSN Washington | Washington Post]
  • Jason Reid argues that it's time to fire Ernie Grunfeld. My favorite part of this column is the headline. [Washington Post]
  • All hail Kevin Seraphin. [CSN Washington]
  • Pretty amusing and instructive stuff from Jan Vesely. [Truth About It]
  • A Nuggets blogger breaks down Nene. I haven't seen Nene as much as him, but I do think a lot of the negatives stem from Nuggets fans hoping Nene was a superstar-quality player when really he's just a decent big. [Truth About It]
  • Ted Leonsis seems to want to see Nene and Seraphin playing together. I'm still eh on that one myself. [Ted's Take]
  • I was wondering what happened with Rashard Lewis. Randy Wittman says he experienced a "setback." [Wizards Insider]
  • I find it very amusing that the photo used here was a cover of Andray Blatche's Get Healthy coloring book. [Pro Basketball Talk]
  • Speaking of Blatche, he responded to his benching by going to the gym at 3 in the morning, at least according to his Twitter account. Kelly Dwyer notes that Blatche's two tweets are 15 minutes apart. [DC Sports Bog]
  • A couple days old, but both JaVale McGee and John Wall are on notice in this piece. [Zach Lowe]
  • Nuggets president Josh Kroenke denies reports that I never saw that the Nuggets re-signed Nene just to trade him. [Denver Post]
  • Speaking of the Nuggets, George Karl compared JaVale McGee to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on defense. Karl also gave McGee a DNP-CD in his first game. This amuses me. [Denver Post]
  • Good analysis of whether the Grizzlies will benefit from having Gilbert Arenas. [Some Basketball Things]